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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Creating Writing Portfolios for Students with Severe Disabilities

Throughout my school and district, there has been a big push to increase writing skills and scores...Working with students with severe-disabilities (and often kiddos with physical disabilities) writing is something that is REALLY hard for me... I constantly wonder, "How am I supposed to teach writing to a student who can barely hold a pencil/ writing utensil?!" I know we have to be creative as special education teachers and I wanted to move past considering putting picture symbols/ words in order to form a sentence as "writing."

So, I reluctantly started these writing portfolios at the beginning of this year... and have actually seen A LOT of progress with my kiddos (and it's only the 10th week of school)! Each student has a writing portfolio/ binder that has a tab for each day of the week. Everyday students do 1 worksheet under the corresponding tab and then complete a hands on activity.

The tracing worksheets include: tracing letters, names, numbers, shapes and pictures.

Hands on activities include: stamping letters/their names, touching texturized letters, texturizing the first letter of their name, building the first letter of their name with wood pieces

The portfolios have been fun to show parents during IEP meetings and conferences and are great progress monitoring tools! Do you have any ideas about using writing portfolios in self-contained classrooms?

UPDATE!!! You can download the tracing worksheets for free from my TpT store here!


  1. Where did you find all of those tracing sheets? They're awesome!! I would love to do this with some of my kids!

    1. I actually made all the tracing sheets! (The only ones I didn't make are the camel and rocket ones). If you send me your email address, I can email you the sheets!
      You can post your email address on here or email me at and I can respond and send them to you. I hope you can use them with your kiddos!

    2. Kelly- you can download them for free from my TpT account:

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  3. Hello! I got a few emails about people wanting the tracing sheets. I went ahead and uploaded it to my teacherspayteachers account (FOR FREE!) just because it's easier than responding to numerous emails.

    Here's the link:

    Happy writing! I hope it helps with some of your kiddos!