Four things to NEVER say to a special education teacher

As a special education teacher, I hear a lot of ridiculous (and rude) comments and questions from other teachers and sadly, the general public. I realize that as a sped. teacher, part of my job is educating others about individuals with disabilities, but some people are just down-right disrespectful!

I want to share (and hopefully make my fellow sped. teachers laugh) the 4 top questions/comments that make me want to claw my face off.

1. "What do you even teach 'those kids' all day?" 

First, don't call them "those kids". Second, the same stuff you're teaching your class (or the same stuff your child is learning in school). You know... reading, how to train a dragon, math, how to build forts, science, the usual....

2. "You're pretty much just a babysitter."

I haven't met a babysitter before who spends hours a day teaching math, social skills, writing, reading, and science, or one who spends her nights and weekends writing IEPs, FBAs, and BIPs... but if a babysitter like that exists, sign me up for when I have kids!

3. "What's wrong with him?"

One response, "What's wrong with YOU?"

4."Why do 'those kids' even go to school?"

Again, don't call them "those kids". First, it's every single child's right to go to school in the U.S. Second, just because a kid has a disability doesn't mean that he can't learn or shouldn't have the opportunity to learn.

I hope this gave you a little comic relief. Now it's your turn- tell me the questions and comments you've heard that make you think "WTF?!"

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