Fun and Meaningful Circle Time Tips- Part 2

My students absolutely LOVE circle time, they don't even realize they're working on academic skills because they're having so much fun singing and dancing to songs. Circle time is a great time to for us to work on a variety of skills, including math, literacy, and communication.
Since most of my students from last year will be in my class again, it was important for me to switch things up to ensure they learn different things and in a variety of ways. I wrote this post about how I did circle time last year. Here are the changes I made for this school year.

Calendar (math, literacy, and fine motor skills):
Math: Students identify numbers on the calendar, count the numbers on the calendar (by 1s, 2s, 5s, etc.), students continue an ABA pattern (can also do a more difficult pattern) with the number cards
Fine motor: Students cut out the numbers for the calendar and glue the number on the appropriate square.

LiteracyStudents complete sentences about the calendar and identify words and picture symbols.

Weather (math and literacy skills):
Literacy: Students complete a sentence about the weather and identify words and picture symbols.
Math: Students graph the weather for the day. At the end of the month we discuss what weather we had the most and which we had the least. Students can complete the graph by coloring the squares, using Bingo stampers, or stickers.
Here are some great free weather graphs:
Graph 1
Graph 2
Graph 3

Attendance (literacy skills):
Literacy: Students identify their name in print. (Note: In the past, I had some students' names paired with their picture, however, now I am color coding students' names.)

Communication (Sign Language, and voice output devices):
Sign Language: Students learn Sign Language for the weather and days of the week
Voice Output Devices: I record a few songs on a variety of Big Mack switches, students are able to play the song by activating the switch. I put the days of the week and months on a Twin Talk for students to communicate about the calendar questions. I have a GoTalk9 with a picture of each of my students on it, students are able to choose a peer who will complete the next activity.

What activities do you do during circle time/ morning meeting? I am always looking for ways to spruce up this time!

You can get the printables I use for circle time from my TPT site.

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