Creating a "Communication Corner" in a self-contained classroom

As a severe-needs teacher, I have a lot of kiddos who use alternative modes of communication. I am normally a little disorganized and scattered with where communication materials are throughout the classroom. I created a communication corner as a "home base" for most of the communication goodies in our classroom.

 Some things to add to your "communication corner":

-PECs/ Any picture exchange systems
I added the communication book that one of my students uses daily. It's attached via a hook so the student can easily take it off and put it back on. 
-Feelings/ emotions cards
The bag includes cards with pictures of a variety of emotions so kiddos can identify how they're feeling.
-Visuals for making requests
A student uses these pictures to request position changes. 
-Communication Matrices 
We made a communication matrices poster that includes a small envelope for each student. Each small envelope has the student's communication IEP goals and a card for staff to write notes on. There is also a large folder on the poster that has the completed matrix for each student.

*If you haven't heard about a communication matrix, check it out here. It's basically a survey/assessment for teachers, speech therapists, and parents to identify what level of communication a specific student is at. It's a great way to help professionals find "next-steps" in terms of communication. Trust me, it isn't one of those useless assessments!!

-Choice boards

Can you think of anything else that would be important to have in a "communication corner"? I love getting new ideas about ways to encourage communication in the classroom!