Adapted science and literacy lessons for students with multiple/ severe disabilities

This year I've put a big emphasis on trying to work on different subjects (like math, science, and social studies) during literacy time. Science and social studies books often have to be modified/ adapted SO much for my students that it's really overwhelming. Instead, I've been making my own books to use during literacy. It's a lot of work, but they're really individualized and perfect for my kiddos. Each book is full of colorful pages, includes comprehension questions and picture cards for matching.

I adapt all of my books by:
-including picture cards with Velcro to work on matching
-having real objects to work on matching and identifying
-having texturized pages
-including comprehension questions

You can click on the links to buy the books from my TPT. Here are a few examples!
Many Mammals adapted book
Marine/ Ocean Mammals adapted book

Reptiles adapted book
Reptiles (simpler) adapted book