Beginning Consonant Sound Binder

I have a couple of students who have mastered identifying the letters, so now we are working on letter sounds and beginning consonant sounds. I made this beginning consonant binder to use during our morning meeting with other kids are working on identifying or matching letters.

The binder includes 2 sets of letter cards (one with just the letter and one with a picture/ visual prompt), picture mats, and of course a lot of Velcro. I organized the letter cards on dividers and just keep the picture mats in the binder pocket. I put 1 picture mat and 2-4 letter cards on the front of the binder and have the student the correct letter card on the Velcro to make the word.
This is the set without the visual prompt/ pictures.
This set includes the visual prompt/ picture paired with the letter.
This task would also be great as a task box/ independent work activity! You can get the activity from my TpT store here.

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