Tips for working with students with multiple disabilities and a vision impairment

Before last school year, I hadn't worked with many students with multiple disabilities including a vision impairment/ blindness. Last year, I got my first student who was completely blind and now I have 3 kiddos with vision impairments. Along the way, I've learned some awesome tips from our vision teacher and some modifications that really help my kiddos!

-Texturize, texturize and texturize some more!
We texturize all of our books, name tags for circle time, voice output devices, schedules, basically everything that our students with visual impairments interact with at school. You might be surprised at how much ALL of your students will like the added textures.

-Assign each kiddo with a vision impairment a tactile cue
We give each kiddo a tactile cue (a felt triangle, a foam circle, etc.) then we label all of the student's things with the tactile cue, including their locker, desk, chair, work materials, etc.

One of my students isn't completely blind, but his vision is pretty low. At first, I was stressed out with all of the materials we had to contract, but now that I have the hang of it, it's getting easier! It's pretty simple to put brightly colored materials on black paper or to use a highlighter to outline task boxes.

What tips do you have for modifying materials for kids with MU including a vision impairment?