Bead box for sensory input and kids with Autism

Toys and equipment made for kids with disabilities are RIDICULOUSLY expensive... So once again, I'm trying to recreate these toys for a fraction of the cost. 

A hot toy for students with disabilities are the bead chains. They're great for sensory input. Sadly, they cost well over $100 from sellers like AutismEnabled. 

Here is my $7 recreation:

To make this you can follow the tutorial for the Sensory Stand I have posted, but make minor changes in the size of materials used including:
-Use 1/2 in. PVC pipe with following length measurements: 
     (3) 1 ft. pieces
     (4) 3 in. pieces
-Use 1/2 in. for all the fittings

-Then I drilled a hole on each leg so I can use a C-clamp to attach the stand to the table.
-Last, I hot glued bead necklaces from the a dollar store to the top of the stand.

Leave comments with any questions!