Completing Functional Behavior Assessments in the Classroom

Completing Functional Behavior Assessments in Special Education

I surveyed teachers on my Instagram account and learned that many special education teachers are expected to complete functional behavior assessments (FBAs) and create behavior intervention plans (BIPs) without the guidance or support from BCBAs or school psychologists. Many special education teachers also don't get training on completing FBAs.

DIY Multisensory Alphabet Boxes for Special Education

Multisensory Phonics Instruction in Special Education

Using a multisensory teaching approach is an evidence-based practice that supports all students. There is a lot of evidence to supports that a multisensory approach is especially beneficial for reading instruction. 

5 Tips for the First Week of School in a Special Education Classroom

Tips for the First Week of School in a Special Education Classroom

The first week of school is scary for any teacher! There are so many unknowns and questions we ask ourselves... What should my schedule look like? How can I build relationships with my students and their families? What should I teach the first week of school? I'm sharing 5 tips for having a successful first week of school!

Creating a Scope & Sequence in a Mixed-Grades Classroom

Creating a Scope & Sequence in Special Education

Teaching in  special education classrooms can be tricky! We often teach students in a variety of grades and with a variety of needs. We have to figure out how to teach SO MANY standards and IEP goals & differentiate based on each student's needs. 

Something that has helped me with this SO much over the years is creating scope & sequences for content areas (math, reading, morning meeting, science, social studies, etc). Scope & sequences are also great because they remove the question "What am I going to teach next week?" and ensure that you cover all of the standards/ IEP goals required.