Activities & Freebies for Teaching Subtraction

I've been (slowly) writing blog posts for different math topics that include a variety of low-prep ideas, center activities, and digital materials. I want to make prepping & planning a little easier for teachers by rounding up materials in one spot! Check out ideas and materials for teaching subtraction:

Low-Prep Counting Activities

Low prep counting activities

 You probably know that I LOVE making low-prep activities with materials I already have. I've started sharing round ups of low-prep activities I've made in hopes that I can inspire other teachers to spend less time & money prepping activities. 

Activities & Freebies for Teaching Addition

If you're constantly on the hunt for activities for math groups, centers & independent work, then I have you covered! I'm (slowly) writing blog posts for different math concepts so you can find low-prep ideas & freebies in one spot!

3 Simple Ways to Target Number Sense During Morning Meeting

Developing number sense is an important building block for more complex math skills. Without strong number sense, students will likely struggle with higher level math. The key areas of number sense include:

  • counting
  • arithmetic operations 
  • number knowledge

It's obviously important to work on number sense during math groups/ lessons, but I think it's helpful to also embed number sense activities across the day! Check out 3 simple ways we target number sense activities during morning meeting: