Targeting IEP Goas & Taking Data During Online Teaching

Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

There are A LOT of tough things about teaching online. Two of the things that felt the trickiest for me when we started with remote learning in the spring were: targeting IEP goals and collecting data. Over the summer, I figured out a plan to make this easier. I've been doing this system since August & I hope it can help you too!

How to: Turn Worksheets, Centers & Digital Activities into Mini Work Books

I've always loved to find ways to use materials/ resources in a variety of ways! I've recently started printing my Google Slides™, center materials and worksheets into mini work books! We use the work books during morning work/ independent work and during direct instruction. It's been a fun way to save paper, velcro and lamination sheets and to present the materials in a different way for students. It's super simple to do, so I'm sharing a little tutorial. 

Tips for Collecting Data during Online Learning

Collecting data during online learning

Taking meaningful data during online learning is tricky! There are so many things that impact collecting data when you aren't face to face with students... from caregivers providing prompts, just trying to juggle technology and the general distractions that come with teaching online. I'm sharing a few tips that have helped me with collecting data during online learning, I hope they can help you too!

7 Quick & Easy Centers with Mini-Erasers

I'm am ALL about finding ways to make quick, simple and engaging centers for our classroom. Over the years, I've accumulated a lot of mini-erasers and little trinkets/ manipulatives. These items are amazing for making a variety centers in just a few minutes... no velcro, no lamination required! Check out some ideas you can whip out in just a few minutes!