3 Simple Ways to Target Number Sense During Morning Meeting

Developing number sense is an important building block for more complex math skills. Without strong number sense, students will likely struggle with higher level math. The key areas of number sense include:

  • counting
  • arithmetic operations 
  • number knowledge

It's obviously important to work on number sense during math groups/ lessons, but I think it's helpful to also embed number sense activities across the day! Check out 3 simple ways we target number sense activities during morning meeting:

Hands-on activities & freebies for teaching fractions

Activities and Freebies for Teaching Fractions

You probably know that I don't like spending a ton of time or money creating classroom activities. It can be tough to come up with hands-on and engaging math activities that don't take a ton of time or resources... So I'm here to share some of the simple and low-prep centers we've done during our fractions unit. 

Tips and Ideas for Low-Prep Math Centers

Low-prep math center ideas

Over the years, I’ve started laminating less, buying less, and spending less time prepping classroom activities. I’ve realized it’s not worth it to spend hours prepping centers & hand-on materials because I can make low-prep (and free) activities that are still super engaging, meaningful, and fun for students! Check out some tips & ideas for creating low-prep math centers 👇

Targeting IEP Goas & Taking Data During Online Teaching

Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

There are A LOT of tough things about teaching online. Two of the things that felt the trickiest for me when we started with remote learning in the spring were: targeting IEP goals and collecting data. Over the summer, I figured out a plan to make this easier. I've been doing this system since August & I hope it can help you too!