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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring(ish) Task Boxes

I love making new task boxes to keep these fresh for my kiddos. I try to make a few new boxes a month. Here are some of our latest spring(ish) task boxes. All of the materials are seasonal items from the Target dollar spot, but they aren't super springy.
These little colored gummy/ squishy creatures are from the Target dollar spot. My kiddos love them!

Target dollar spot Legos as a put in task for the win!

Extra Legos from the package and 2 old Easter eggs= an easy sorting activity. 

These adorable little chicks are also from the Target dollar spot. I love them because they're soft and give kiddos a little tactile input.

I got one package of these little wooden chicks and one package of butterflies and used them for 2 boxes. 

The same little butterflies and chicks but as a sorting activity! The little plastic trays are actually the contains that the chicks & butterflies came in!

Ok, maybe this isn't really screaming "spring" but I realized that the salad containers from Costco make awesome sorting trays!

Also, I finally made a teacher Facebook page! Click the icon, check it out, and follow my page!


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