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Friday, August 11, 2017

Functional Task Boxes

Every school year, I identify a few "grows" that I want to work on over the course of  the year. This year, I want to improve my relationships with families, continue to learn new ways to teach core vocabulary and to incorporate more functional skills for my kiddos! I decided to make some new task boxes to work on some basic functional skills.

Check out my new sorting and put-in independent work/ task boxes! Everything is made from stuff I already had in my classroom or from the Dollar Tree.

Sort the game pieces.

Pack the toiletry bag.

Put the pencils in the pencil pouch.

Sort by pencils and pens.

Put the money in the piggy bank (just a painted yogurt container).
Sort the office supplies.

Stock the art caddy.
Do you make functional skills task boxes? Please link any posts/ pictures you have of functional task boxes in the comments! I'd love for us to all share our ideas :)


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