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Sunday, December 31, 2017

FREE Editable Adapted Book Templates

Something that I think is SO important is building the competence and skills of fellow teachers. A great skill to have is the ability to make interactive and adapted books (and really any other classroom materials)! When it comes to interactive/ adapted books, you basically only have a few options... adapting hard copies of books in print, buying printable adapted books or making your own books! I love to make my own books so that they meet the exact needs of my students and classroom curriculum/plan. I want to share the Powerpoint templates I've made to make adapted books.

The templates are super easy to use- all you do is click to edit the text and then copy and paste pictures/clipart. I use a variety of clipart websites  and google images. I promise that once you get the hang of Powerpoint and the template, it's super quick to make a book! I can make a book now in about 10-15 minutes (as long as I'm able to find the pictures and clipart I'm looking for).

I totally understand if you still want to buy adapted books on TpT to save time, but making your own books will allow you to make very specific books to meet your curriculum needs or individual needs of specific students!
This book template is for an interactive and half size book (a vertical piece of paper cut in half) and includes a template for matching cards and comprehension questions.

This book template is for an interactive and half size book (a horizontal piece of paper cut in half) and includes a template for matching cards. 

These book templates are for full size adapted books (there is a vertical and horizontal template) and includes a template for matching cards and comprehension questions. I love this template if you're going to use the book on an iPad or with kids with visual impairments. 
Hopefully these help you to make books for your classroom! You can get the free templates from my TpT shop here! Enjoy :)

Note: If you're going to post or share any of the books you make with my template (paid OR free) make sure read my terms of use!


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