Math Center Freebies: Numbers, Counting, and Shapes

I'm continuing to work my tail off to get a number of math and literacy centers put together. It's sometimes difficult to differentiate centers in my class because I have some students who are working on identifying numbers, 1:1 correspondence, and identifying 1 object. While I have other students who can count 20 objects, count to 100, add single-digit numbers and count by 10s. 

Download this free counting math center here.

Download Fall Pumpkin Counting Math Center for free here.

Download Counting with Clothes Pins for free here. 
I love this method of counting because the dots give prompting to reinforce 1:1 correspondence and visual prompts as to how many clothes pins need to be placed on cards. 
Students can cut play dough for the mats, or roll out strings of play dough and trace the shapes.