DIY Bear Light for Sensory Room

As I used the last drop of honey on cornbread, I realized how adorable the little honey bear container is. My students LOVE anything to do with animals, so I knew I had to use the bear bottle for something in our classroom. I decided to turn it into a little night light for our sensory room.
-Empty honey bear container
-White acrylic paint
-X acto knife
-LED tea light candle (you can get these at the Dollar Tree.)
-Hot glue gun

How to:
First, I put the bottle in the dishwasher. Then I soaked it in a 1:1 water and vinegar soak to remove the stickers. Then I had this adorable little guy:

Next I put about 1 Tbs. of white acrylic paint into the bear and about 1 tsp. of water. I put the lid on and shook it so that the entire inside was covered with paint. I turned the bear upside down to dry.

Once dry, trace a circle on the bottom of the bear for how large of a hole you need for the light. Use the X acto knife to cut the circle out.

Place the tea light in the circle and secure with hot glue.

And voila, you have an adorable bear night light!