Task Book Ideas

Task books are a great way to keep students busy while you're working with other students, during small groups, individual work time, or free time. There are so many different ways to do task books, you can get kids to work on a variety of skills. Most of my task books have kiddos working on literacy skills, writing, and math.

Literacy Task Books:
Have students match letters to pictures that start with the same letter sounds.

Have students match picture symbols to pictures in board books.

Have students match letters.

Writing Task Books:
Have students trace letters.

Math Task Books:
Put number matching worksheets into page protectors. Students can use dry erase markers to circle the number that is the same.

Use a counting book (or print your own from readinga-z.com). Have students match numbered clothes pins to the pictures.

Use a simple board book for students to match colors with picture symbols.

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