Another Circle Time/ Morning Meeting Revamp!

I have some of my students for a total of 6 years (yes, that's an incredibly long time), so I'm constantly trying to mix up my lessons and methods of teaching. I revamped my morning meeting yet again! I hope you enjoy the new pieces! You can read about my previous circle time posts here and here.

-I added a task where students identify where we live on the map. Students also watch two fun videos about the states in the US.
Here are the videos we watch:
Learning Station 50 States in ABC order
50 States Songs

-I added a new voice output device (VOD) for students to say "good morning" to their peers by activating a GoTalk9 with students' pictures and names on it. The switch allows my students who are non-verbal to pick a specific peer to say "good morning" to.

-I added a Current Events/World News section. I use the News2You curriculum for my weekly adapted newspaper. I record the newspaper on a VOD and students activate the switch to "read" the news. If your district/school won't buy you a News2You subscriptoin, check out this free website that has newspapers for kids. The newspapers aren't adapted with picture symbols, but they easily could be!

The Big Mac switch students use to "read" the news.
-I added a task where students can practice identifying and matching letters. Each week we add a letter to the folder. The letters are adapted/texturized with pipe cleaners for students who have vision impairments. Each page has two letters at the bottom for students to practice matching letters.

(Students point to the letter at the bottom that matches the letter on the page.)

-I created a communication book for one of my kiddos to complete all of the activities in.
Communication book has the day, month, weather, and date.
The book also has a place for the student to match the letters. 

Do you do something different during your circle time/ morning meeting? I love to mix ours up, so please send me ideas!
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