Quick and easy task box ideas!

I realize that creating task boxes/ independent work time activities can be VERY time consuming. So I wanted to share a few tips for making some really quick and easy (and cheap) tasks.

1) Find printables online and just print 2 copies! Laminate one sheet and cut the other sheet into pieces for matching.
A few of my go-to google searches for printing include:
"number board" or "number clipart"
"Alphabet board" or "alphabet poster"
"shapes clipart"
"money pictures" or "money clipart"

All of the below activities were made by simply googling pictures and printing 2 copies!

2) Hit the dollar bin and Home Depot! We made shape matching activities and a beginning consonant sound activity with cards from the dollar bin at Target and a color matching activity with paint chips from Home Depot.

3) Construction paper and markers go a long way! Cut out shapes and use colored markers to make shape and number matching activities.

Do you have any tips that make creating independent tasks easier or cheaper?! I'm always looking for new task box ideas!