Simple Task Box Ideas

There's something exciting and refreshing about creating new task boxes... I literally make new ones on a weekly basis. Here are some of the latest ones I've made-

Color sorting boxes with color bears and manipulatives. I bought the cups and teacups at the Dollar Tree and used manipulatives that I already had in the classroom.

Counting task boxes with counting bears and number cards. You can download the counting bear printables seen below for free here.  You can download other free counting and pattern bear printables here and here,

"Put in" task boxes are the simplest task boxes and are great for working on fine motor skills! My students love the box with the bells because it makes noise.

Shapes matching and sorting task boxes. I found the puzzle at the Dollar Store, I glued half of the puzzle as a visual prompt and added color shading as a prompt too. I found the fabric shapes for $3 at Target.