Target Dollar Bin Task Boxes

I love task boxes that are easy and cheap to create. A few days ago, I found a bunch of great deals in the clearance dollar bins at Target (they were only $0.30 each!!) and got to work! It's great to buy and use pre-made materials, but it's also important to remember that they will often take a bit of prep and adaptations to get the materials ready too. 

This alphabet puzzle makes a great fine motor and literacy task for some kiddos. I used a Sharpie to write the letters on the puzzle board so it was easier for students to identify the correct letter/ piece that goes there.

This number/ counting matching activity was great in theory... But it only came with 5 clothes pins- each clothes pin had a number on each side, which would be pretty confusing for my students. So I tossed the clothes pins it came with and made color coded clothes pins for the task.

This letter matching activity also had good potential, but it only came with one clothes pin. Most of my students don't know beginning letter sounds yet, so I made little visuals paired with the letter for matching the clothes pins.

This color matching task only came 5 clothes pins (they had a color on the front and back too). So I bought two packs, made my own set of clothes pins for one of the cards and then used the 10 clothes pins for the other card (I used a Sharpie to mark out the words on the back side of the clothes pins to avoid confusion).

I also loved these little number/ sequencing puzzles but knew my students couldn't do them without a little adapting. I made number clothes pins for students to match numbers on a few cards. I also made copies of the cards, laminated 1 copy and then cut up the other copy for matching.

 This fraction circle task is super easy to create! No adapting needed!