"Put in" task boxes

I have quite a few students who need level 1 task boxes this year. My go-to for many of these kiddos are "put-in" tasks because it allows them to do the tasks with as little prompting as necessary.

Check out the "put in" tasks our classroom is full of now!

Poker chips!

Foam blocks

Ping pong balls


Clothes pins (can be placed inside the basket or clipped on the basket)

Wood beads

Variety of balls, blocks, and chips

Wood blocks


I've been struggling to come up with ideas of other manipulatives to use for put tasks. I've seen a lot of people use holiday/ themed items, but I'm not sure about the idea of only using the task boxes for a few weeks out of the school year. What are your favorite objects to use?

 photo xo_zpsh4q1a84m.jpg