Layout for Circle Time Lesson Plan in a Special Education

I love love love circle time/ morning meeting because it's super interactive and I love that my circle time allows me and my staff to sing and dance with our kiddos. You can read a little more about my different circle time activities here, here, here, and here. Also, check out my tips on running whole group lessons to learn more about how to run whole groups effectively. I've explained the generic process I use when running circle time before, but I've never shared the Powerpoint template I use when making my circle time lessons.

So here are the basics of how my circle time works:
  • I use a Powerpoint document to run my circle time. 
  • Students do a variety of tasks/ activities about a topic (the tasks last anywhere between 2-5 minutes), then they watch 1-2 educational music videos about the topic. During the videos, students are allowed to dance/sing as they watch, but are expected to stay with the group.
  • Repeat above a few times, depending on the kiddos' stamina

    Layout for Circle Time Lesson Plan in a Special Education
Logistics/  Tips:
  • I change the videos about every week
  • I find all of the videos on Youtube, save them and put them in the PPT. (There are step-by-step directions to this process in the Powerpoint)
  • I found that it works best if I turn the screen/projecter OFF when I'm not playing the videos because then kids are less distracted by the screen. For example, when we are working/ doing the activities, my interactive smartboard is turned OFF. Then when the kiddos are done with the activities, I turn the screen back ON. When the board is OFF it's a cue to my kiddos that it's time to sit/work and when the board is ON it cues them that it's time for videos (kids are allowed to dance/ sing and aren't "working")
  • The Powerpoint includes a spot to type in your state standards as well as a chart to put in student(s) objectives. This is very helpful for paras or visitors in your classroom to reference while you're teaching.