Dollar Store Task Boxes!

I've been a little MIA, but I wanted to share the latest task boxes we made in our classroom! The cool thing about these is they are all made with cheap supplies from the Dollar Tree! We are focusing on increasing our supply of "put in"  or level 1 task boxes because we have a lot of younger kiddos this year who need them.

These are checkers pieces from a checkers game.  
Cute smiley face pencil sharpeners! Tip: hot glue the pencil sharpeners shut so you don't have any mishaps ;)

All of this silverware came in 1 package and makes a great functional sorting task!

These animal letter cards make a great letting matching activity! 

More silverware, but instead as a "put in" task instead of sorting.
Okay, this is the only task that isn't made out of Dollar Tree supplies. Those are paint swatches from Home Depot, so this is totally free to make! 
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