Cheap & Easy DIY Funnel for Sensory Play

DIY sensory funnel toy

I love a good sensory activity so when I saw this funnel activity from FrugalFun4Boys on Pinterest, I knew I had to make a version of the toy! Thankfully, the supplies were pretty cheap and I was able to make 2 funnel toys in less than 30 minutes!

Materials you'll need:
-Funnel (I got a pack of 3 for $3.50 at Home Depot)
-PVC pipe (I used 3/4 inch) ($2.93 for 10 feet at Home Depot)
-2 PVC 90 degree elbows ($0.42 each at Home Depot)
-2 PVC tees ($0.96 each at Home Depot)
-1 PVC cross ($2.55 each at Home Depot)
-PVC pipe cutters (these will make the project SO much easier and are so worth it if you don't already have them. You can get them for less than $20.)
-hot glue
-measuring tape and Sharpie
-spray paint (optional)
-PVC cement (optional)
Note: make sure that you get the same size PVC pipe/ fittings fore very piece! I did 3/4 in. and like the size.
DIY Sensory Funnel Toy

Cut your pieces and assemble!
Use a measuring tape and Sharpie to mark the length of all of your pieces. Then start cutting away!
Lengths of piping you'll need:
-5 pieces cut to 3 inches
-2 pieces cut to 4 inches
-2 pieces cut to 8-10  inches (based on preference, this will be the height of the toy)
DIY Sensory Funnel Toy

DIY Sensory Funnel Toy
Here's a closer look at what pieces/ sizes go where.
After the toy was assembled, I spray painted it to make it a little prettier. I used hot glue to attach the funnel to the PVC pipe. If you have students who are rough on toys, you can use PVC cement to attach all of the pieces together, I didn't do this but I might do it later down the road.


We have used numerous materials in our funnel toys including water, rice, popcorn and sand! They're definitely a class favorite already!