Embedding Core Vocabulary in the Classroom Environment

If you follow my blog, you know I've been on the core vocabulary train the last couple of school  years. Our kiddos need every opportunity possible to be exposed to vocabulary and language, so it's important that we embed core vocab across all instruction and the environment! I wanted to share some simple ways you can embed core vocabulary across the classroom environment to promote communication. Not only does enriching the environment with core vocabulary support the kiddos, but it's also a great reminder to staff to intentionally use and model the language throughout the day!

Check out some of my ideas for embedding core vocab across the classroom environment!

"Turn on" and "turn off" on light switches.

"Go out" on the doors.

"Who," "here" and "not here" for attendance.

"Put away" on lockers or cubbies.

"Find the same" on sorting task boxes.

"Put in" on put in task boxes.

"Turn on" on CD players, computers, etc.

"I" and "me" on mirrors in sensory areas.

"Open" on doors and cabinets. 
"Stop" on staff cabinets. 

Do you have any ideas for embedding core vocabulary in the environment to promote communication? I'd love to hear your ideas!