10 Ways to Practice Sight Words

Sight words can be tricky for our students to learn. It's so important to give students various opportunities to practice reading and spelling sight words!

I love using hands on materials and ways to practice with sight words. Many of these ideas can also be used when work on word work too!

1) Use sight word cards to build the words on a light board or letter board! This is great because students are also working on fine motor skills!

2) Stamp the words! Again, this is great because students are also working on fine motor skills!

3) Use any letter toys to build the words! I found these trains at Tuesday Morning (I can't find them online anywhere) but if you search "Letter train" on Amazon, you can find some different options!

4) Do rainbow writing! With rainbow writing, students write the same word in all the colors of the rainbow so they get multiple opportunities to practice writing/ spelling the word.

5) Do a "say/ read it," "build it" and "write it" activity. You can grab this for free from my TpT shop and can just swap out sight words cards that you already have.

6) Laminate any sight word worksheets you have to make reusable sight word books! These worksheets are in my TpT shop here.

7) Use beads and string or pipe cleaner to build words! Another fine motor winner!

8) Use sight word cards and cubes with letters on them to build words.

9) Use play dough and letter stamps to stamp the words. You can find letter stamps at Lake Shore or on Amazon here.

10) Create a sight word matching book!

If you are looking for some sight word cards, centers and materials to easily make these activities, check out this bundle!

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