5 Toys to Target Literacy Skills in Special Education

Literacy Skills in Special Education
If you're anything like me, then you're constantly looking for toys and games that can be used to target academic skills, fine motor skills, social skills (AKA all the things!) and that students actually enjoy!

I'm doing a quick little round up of a few of our favorite classroom toys that target literacy skills and some fun and easy ways to use them!

Let me know if you want to see any toys we love that target different skills! You can leave a comment here, send me an email or a DM on social media.

1) Letter fishing:

Ideas for using:

  • Have students try to build words with the letters they fished.
  • Give students picture cards or an alphabet picture board (something like this freebie I found on TpT) and have them match the letters the fish to the initial sound.
  • Have students match the letter they fish to a basic alphabet board/ chart
  • Students can sort letters they fish (i.g consonants or vowels)
  • Have students fish a letter and then name a word that starts with the letter they fished

2) Word building game

Ideas for using:

  • Use picture cards you already have and have students build those words
  • Make word cards (you can just write on note cards to save time) with students' names, spelling words, etc. so they can practice different words

3) Alligator Letter Toys

Ideas for using:

  • Have students match the upper and lowercase letters together then students can match to letter/ sound boards like above 
  • Students can sort letters into upper and lowercase groups 
  • Line up the alligators (nose to tail in a little chain) to build words
  • Match alligators together to build 2 letter sight words 

4) Letter robots

Ideas for using:

  • Have students link robots together to build their names, vocabulary words, spelling words, CVC words, etc.
  • Students can link the robots together to sequence the entire alphabet
  • Have students link robots together to build their name, sight words, etc. 

Note: This post has affiliate links. I personally purchased all of these toys for my classroom and my students love them! I was not given the toys nor am I paid by the toy companies for promoting them. I simply get a few cents from Amazon if you purchase them through my links.