6 Fun & Simple Art/ Fine Motor Activities

I've always struggled to be consistent with doing art projects in the classroom. We recently added a whole group time to our schedule and it's been a game changer for doing more art projects!

We have an assigned topic for each day of the week:
Monday: exercise/ gross motor
Tuesday: fine motor project
Wednesday: book club
Thursday: board games
Friday: art project

Most of the projects we have done use cheap materials or things you probably already have in your classroom. Check them out!
Pipe cleaner art:
There are SO many fun things you can make with beads and pipe cleaners! Make super simple snakes or snowflakes or check out Pinterest for a TON of other ideas.

Yarn woven picture frames:
Have students wrap 4 Popsicle sticks with yarn. Hot glue the sticks into a square and add a picture!

Painted canvas bags:
This might be one of the more expensive projects we've done, but it was SUCH a hit! I found the bags on Amazon for 15 for $20 and used acrylic paint we already had in our classroom. You can use painters tape to create letters or shapes, use stencils or make your own stencils with paper plates!

Gem sun catchers:
I found this project from The Jersey Mama. All you need are plastic lids, clear glue, gems and some string! You can check out the tutorial here!

Beaded wind chime:
This is another project that I didn't need to buy any materials for! You just need a plastic cup, beads and string! Check out the tutorial from The Inspired Home.

Yarn wrapping:
This is another super cheap and fun project! You just need yarn and cardboard! Help students cut the cardboard in any shape they want and then start wrapping with yarn.

Shrinky dink bookmarks:
Making bookmarks with Shrinky Dinks is SO easy! The only downfall to these projects is you have to take them home and cook them, but it's worth the wait for the students! You can grab Shinky Dinks online or from most craft stores for about $10/ pack. You can also check out a ton of other Shrinky Dink ideas here.

Note: This post has affiliate links. I personally purchased all of these toys for my classroom and my students love them! I was not given the toys nor am I paid by the toy companies for promoting them. I simply get a few cents from Amazon if you purchase them through my links