Hands-on activities & freebies for teaching fractions

Activities and Freebies for Teaching Fractions

You probably know that I don't like spending a ton of time or money creating classroom activities. It can be tough to come up with hands-on and engaging math activities that don't take a ton of time or resources... So I'm here to share some of the simple and low-prep centers we've done during our fractions unit. 

Equal and unequal activities: 

-We used foam shapes (you could also just cut shapes out with paper) for an "equal" and "unequal" sorting activity. 

You can grab this sorting mat in the math folder in my free resource library

-We used printed clipart and shapes to have students create an "equal" and "unequal" anchor chart. 

Low-prep fractions activities:

-We used foam shapes to model different fractions 

-We made halves, thirds and fourths flower fractions!

You can grab this fraction flower from in the math folder of my free resource library

-We did halves and wholes task boxes during independent practice!

You can grab these from my TpT shop here.

-We used blocks to show a variety of fractions

-We used a freebie from TpT to design pizza halves! 

You can grab this for free from Primary Paws on TpT here.

-We made a variety of student-created anchor charts!

I hope this helps you with ideas for your next math unit!

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