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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Task Box Ideas for Students with Disabilities

Tasks boxes are literally LIFE SAVERS in my classroom! They're the perfect solution when we are trying to work 1:1 with a kid or in very small groups. They keep kiddos busy but can be completed totally independently. I have a variety of levels of task boxes because my students' abilities varies a lot.

I recycle all kinds of stuff for task boxes including shoe boxes, plastic tubs, coffee cans, Clorox wipe containers, plastic cereal containers and tissue boxes.

Fine motor object drop
Musical fine motor drop

Sorting two objects

Matching colors and threading

Matching colors


Shape sort

Build names or words with magnetic letters and magnetic strip.

Number match and sequencing

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  1. I love your ideas! I wish you were the special education teacher at one school I work in!

  2. I wish you were my grandson's teacher! I have made a bunch of felt sets and a shoelace board. He is being put into regular Kindergarten next year and I am nervous about it. Mom and Dad think Im being silly.
    I found a thing on Pinterest just today about active children and I tried it out today and it worked!! I care for him every Thursday and Friday before school. He has been in some sort of PT since he was one year old, (he didnt walk until he was two), and a special Head Start program since he was three. Anyway, I found your site today, it will certainly help me do something new every now and again!

  3. Kim, What a surprise to see your ideas when I was looking around. I always thought you were super creative and now I have access to your ideas even though you are so far away.

    1. Gems!!! It's so good to "see" you!! I miss collaborating with the Conover school crew so badly!!

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