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Friday, March 25, 2016

Task Box / Independent Work Organization 2.0

I was happy with how I had our task boxes/ independent work activities organized (you can see the post and pictures here), but it just wasn't giving us enough space. We would often have activities and work stacked on top of the cabinet and it was driving me crazy!

Check out the binders we decided to make to organize the tasks by topics!

We hole-punched most of the tasks and put them directly into the binders.

We put the tasks that couldn't be hole-punched into large ziplock bags, added duct tape to make it sturdy and hole-punched the bag.

As always, comment with any good organization ideas! I've been on a cleaning/ organizing kick and would LOVE new tips and ideas!


  1. I love this post! It's especially timely as I'm starting end of year preparations and trying my best to organize efficiently. I plan to read your entire blog. I have found that every random post I read is totally something I can utilize!! Your blog is awesome!!

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