Managing and Organizing IEP Data

Organizing and managing IEP data can be scary! I know it's very common to have 1 data binder for each student on a caseload, and this is how I've done it in the past... but this year, I changed my ways and I couldn't be happier! This year I just have ONE binder for all of my kiddos, and I LOVE it!

Why I did it: 
  • Our school has data team meetings often. During these meetings, we are expected to bring data for numerous students and I got tired of carrying 4-9 binders all around the school for meetings!
  • I sadly spend some time at home doing progress reports and it was a pain to lug home 9 binders! Bringing home one binder is much easier...
How I did it:
I kept it simple by keeping all of our data and materials in 2 central locations: a data wall and 1 binder.

A data wall/ a clipboard for every student:
I made a data clipboard for each kiddo. All of the clipboards are hung on a central wall in the classroom. This is a great "data wall" for administrators or observers to see when they come into your classroom! It's also easy to grab a clipboard and pen throughout the day whenever a para or I are working with a kiddo. Each clipboard has 1 data sheet for each IEP goal. Most of the goal sheets are big enough for 1-2 weeks of data.

The data binder:

The binder has 3 labeled tabs for each student. Each student has a tab for: 1) blank copies of data sheets, 2) completed data sheets, and 3) graphs.

At the end of each week, I spend my planning time adding data to graphs and stocking the clipboards with blank data sheets. We are on week 8 of school and I'm pretty happy with how smoothly this is going!
Do you have any tips to share about managing the craziness that is IEP data?!