Quick & Easy Leveled Independent Work Activities

Creating new independent work activities is important so students don't get burned out on work, but it can be VERY time consuming! I'm all about creating quick and easy materials for independent work time/ task boxes. In this post, I wrote about how I use free printed worksheets, charts, etc. to create cheap and simple work activities.
I love using printables for work activities, but I felt like I needed a way to differentiate or level the materials so more of my kiddos could use them. So... I set out to figure out a way to created EASY leveled work activities!

What I ended up doing was printing 4 copies of a variety of black and white worksheets and charts. I used 2 copies to make a set without visual cues (or color coding) and then used the other 2 copies to create a task with visual cues. So I ended up with 2 independent work activities in two different levels! For example, the activity without color coding requires the student to have the skills to match the numbers, shapes, letters, etc., but the color coded task provides kiddos with a visual cue if they can't already match the numbers, shapes, or letters.

Check out some of the easy work activities we made. One activity is color coded, and the second doesn't have visual cues/ color coding. I'm so happy with how they came out!

Do you have any tips or ideas for creating differentiated independent work activities?