Simple fine motor/ sensory activities

Noodles & bingo coins
Lately I've been incorporating a lot of put-in/ sensory tasks during our fine motor and writing time. Some of our fine motor/ sensory activities are more academic (check out this post with academic sensory activities), but as the end of the year comes and the kids (and staff) are getting tired, we've been doing more simple fine motor and sensory tasks that have been a hit with my students!

First, let me quickly explain how our fine motor/ writing time is set up:
-Students are in small groups (1-3 kiddos per staff member)
-Every student completes 1-3 pages of a writing portfolio (some students are writing, some are tracing, some are using a Brailler, and some are feeling/tracing with their fingers texturized letters and writing strokes. If you want to know more about our writing portfolios, check out this post, you can also download a  free portfolio from my TpT.
-Then students complete 1-3 fine motor/ sensory tubs.

Here are some of the sensory/ put-in activities we've created to do during the fine motor/ sensory tub time!

Popcorn, Dominoes and plastic clothes pins

Rice and Popsicle sticks

Plastic pieces and Legos 

Popcorn and straws

Beans and buttons
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