7 Quick & Easy Centers with Mini-Erasers

I'm am ALL about finding ways to make quick, simple and engaging centers for our classroom. Over the years, I've accumulated a lot of mini-erasers and little trinkets/ manipulatives. These items are amazing for making a variety centers in just a few minutes... no velcro, no lamination required! Check out some ideas you can whip out in just a few minutes!

 First, I don't laminate these centers when I make them. I use cardstock or cardboard so they will last a few uses and sometimes even a few years. But I've stopped spending time, money & plastic laminating centers because I rarely use them year after year. 

Writing centers:

  • Have students write sentences about what they see
  • Differentiation ideas: provide students with sentence stems and word banks!

Word reading centers:

  • Have students read number or letter words
  • Differentiation ideas: add math words in writing and number form, add color-coding

Math centers:

  • There are so many options for math centers! You can quickly whip up addition or subtraction cards, color-sorting mats, counting mats, sorting by attributes mats
  • Differentiation ideas: use color-coding, add dots or circles for prompts

Stay tuned for more super quick & easy centers with materials you probably already have in your classroom!

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