FREE Self-care Journal & Planner for Teachers

Self-care planner and journal for teachers

If you've followed me for any period of time on social media, then you probably know I'm all about creating boundaries and practicing self-care. I hit rock-bottom in my teaching career in 2014... Creating healthy boundaries and practicing self-care saved me and allowed me to happily stay in the field. 

Over the years, I've used a variety of planners and journals to track and create a self-care plan. My ideal planners & journals are short and simple. I want to be able to quickly identify my self-care activities & goals and reflect on how I'm feeling physically and emotionally. 

Self-care planner and journal for teachers

It's important to remember that self-care is SO much more than bubble baths, drinking wine & getting a manicure. There are a variety of categories/ areas of self-care, a few include: physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological, professional, etc. You can read more about the areas, get ideas and grab an older version of a self-care planner from this blog post. Practicing in all of the areas will help you to be your healthiest and happiest! 

Self-care planner and journal for teachers

Having a space to keep track of it all has helped keep me accountable and to reflect on what my mind and body needs. When I track what self-care tasks I've practiced each day/ week, I'm able to easily see what tasks I might need to prioritize and reflect how on I'm feeling based on my practices. 

Self-care planner and journal for teachers

CLICK HERE to download the planner & journal for free. 

Trackers to use for social media posts. On computers > click the image, right click, select "save image as" then save the image to your computer. On phones > tap the image, then tap and hold the picture and select "save image." The image will be saved to your camera roll. 

If you use the journal or tracker, share a picture on social media and tag me @littlemisskimsclass. I love seeing others in their self-care journey!

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