How to: Turn Worksheets, Centers & Digital Activities into Mini Work Books

I've always loved to find ways to use materials/ resources in a variety of ways! I've recently started printing my Google Slides™, center materials and worksheets into mini work books! We use the work books during morning work/ independent work and during direct instruction. It's been a fun way to save paper, velcro and lamination sheets and to present the materials in a different way for students. It's super simple to do, so I'm sharing a little tutorial. 

*Let me start by saying, with my terms of use (TOU) you are able to do this with any of my products. Before doing this with any other seller's or website's materials, make sure you check their TOU. 

How to make mini-work books from Google Slides™:

Making work books from Google Slides will work best with Google Slide materials that students are filling in the blank or dragging and dropping to identify an answer. If the Google Slide has a ton of intricate movable pieces, it might not be the best resource to use for a mini work book. 

1). Open up the Google Slide. Then click and delete any of the interactive pieces. The interactive pieces are any pieces that students should be clicking & dragging. 

2) Now that all of your interactive pieces have been deleted, you're ready to download! Click "file" then "download" and select "PDF document." The PDF will then download and will normally pop up at the bottom of your internet browser. Open the PDF.  

3) When the PDF is opened, select "file" and then "print." If there is a cover page in the PDF, print that full-size so you have a cover for your book. Then in the printer settings, select "page sizing & handling" (depending on your computer/ printer, this might be worded differently). Find the "pages per sheet" option. Change the options to meet your needs/ wants. I typically like to print 2x2. As you enter different sizing options, the print preview will change so you can see what you prefer. I use a TruBind machine to bind my books together.

How to make mini work books from PDFs:

I love doing this with worksheets and math/ literacy centers. The options are endless with PDFs. 

1) This is even easier to do if the materials you want are already in PDF format! You can skip all of the downloading steps > You just need to simply open your PDF and following the printing steps. 

If you are using materials that don't already have covers pages in them, I have you covered! You can grab a few free editable covers for work books in my free resource library. CLICK HERE to join my email list to get access to the free resource library. After you join, the covers can be found in the "Misc. Freebies" folder. 

Note: This post has Amazon affiliate links. I personally purchased all of the linked materials for my classroom and they've been great! I was not given the materials nor am I paid by the companies for promoting them. I simply get a few cents from Amazon if you purchase them through my links.

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