Targeting IEP Goas & Taking Data During Online Teaching

Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

There are A LOT of tough things about teaching online. Two of the things that felt the trickiest for me when we started with remote learning in the spring were: targeting IEP goals and collecting data. Over the summer, I figured out a plan to make this easier. I've been doing this system since August & I hope it can help you too!

I started using this system when we started the school year fully remote, then I continued to use parts of the system when we returned to in-person learning at the end of October.  So regardless of if you're teaching fully online, fully in-person, or in a hybrid format, this could help you! Note: I made and used fake/ sample folders and examples for this post!

I made a folder for each student on my caseload:

I made a folder for each of my students in Google Drive™. My district provides staff and students with Google accounts, so this is what was best for me. You could also make Seesaw folders, document folders on your desktop, or whatever else works for you! It's just ideal to have all of the IEP materials & data collection for each student in one spot. 

Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

Each folder includes:

  1. Work/ activities for each goal. I include PDFs, Google Slides, and anything else I can find that targets the specific goal.
    Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

  2. Data collection system. I created a Google Form to collect data for each of my students. I like this because it's quick & easy, it reduces paper waste and I can use Google Forms to create my graphs.

    If you want more ideas and help setting up Google Forms for collecting data, check out this post! If you aren't interested in using digital data collection, you can download some free printable (and editable) data sheets here!

    Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

    I also add text boxes with prompting levels to Google Slides prior to working with the student. This allows me to quickly circle or mark the student's level of independence or if they got it correct/ incorrect during instruction. This will help you with adding your data to the Google Form at the end of the session. You can also simply keep a sticky note next to you and mark responses there and then add the data to the Google Form, do whatever works for you!

    Targeting IEP goals and data collection during online learning

How I put it all together:

  • Obviously students' goals are imbedded into small and whole group instruction. However, I focus on taking data during 1:1 instruction. Thankfully we have time in our schedule so I can have 1:1 instruction with students 3-5 days a week.
  • As I am working with a student, I quickly mark (directly in the Google Slide or Seesaw activity) if the student got the answer correct/ the prompting level required. Again, you could also use pen & paper for this if that's easier for you. 
  • At the end of each 1:1 session, I then add up the responses and add the data to the Google Form. Adding the data to the Google Form only takes 1-2 minutes and it's a great way to keep all the data in one spot and great graphs for progress reports and analyzing instruction/ data. 

I hope this helps you with planning and organizing working on IEP goals and collecting data! Feel free to send me an email or reach out on social media if you have questions! Email me at or DM me on Instagram!

If you're looking for digital activities to use with Google Slides, check out these materials in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop!

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