Activities & Freebies for Teaching Subtraction

I've been (slowly) writing blog posts for different math topics that include a variety of low-prep ideas, center activities, and digital materials. I want to make prepping & planning a little easier for teachers by rounding up materials in one spot! Check out ideas and materials for teaching subtraction:

You can quickly make subtraction crafts by printing clipart (or just drawing them!) of animals & things they eat. Write a word problem and you're set! There are so many possibilities (monkeys and bananas, horses and apples, dogs and bones, etc.) and students will love it! 

Have students trace their hands and then use them to practice doing subtraction within 10. 

Flash Cards & Workbooks:
Flash cards can be a great way to create simple math centers. I added a number line to paper, glued subtraction flash cards on, laminated the pages and bound into a book to create a subtraction workbook. 

You can also flash cards and put them on a ring!

You can grab my differentiated subtraction workbooks from my TpT shop here. 

Hands-On Centers/ Stations:

I love these subtraction work boxes because they include a variety of graphic organizers and are perfect for centers or independent work. You can grab these in the math folder of my free in my free resource library.** (see below)

I love to print digital materials (specifically Boom Cards & Google Slides) and use them has hands-on centers. I print them 2 or 4 to a page and then use them with dry erase markers or manipulatives to make centers. I can't give tech/ printing support, but you can check out this post that includes tips & info about printing digital materials

A ten frame, manipulatives, and subtraction cards make some of the simplest subtraction centers!

Create anchor charts and vocabulary charts with students. 

I love hands-on centers that I can throw into page protectors and use with a variety of manipulatives because they're quick & easy to prep. You can grab the low-prep gumball, bunny hop, and pumpkin smash math centers here.

I don't love using worksheets and don't use them a ton, but they can be good for independent practice, warm ups for to save as student work/ data. 
I printed these digital centers 4 to a page to create a packet/ worksheet.

If you want a pack that includes worksheets, centers, and digital materials, check out my subtraction unit!

Digital Materials:
I'm still using a variety of digital activities. I use a few websites like Brainzy/ Education, Boom Learning, and ST Math for math games & materials (not sponsored, just what I love!) and I also assign activities to my students through Google Slides (our district assigns Google accounts to all students). 

You can grab these digital subtraction activities with Google Slides from my TpT shop here.

These camping themed math centers can be found in the math folder of my free in my free resource library.** 

Click here to grab these digital subtraction activities (note: these are also in my subtraction unit, don't buy the digital pack if you already own the unit). 

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**CLICK HERE to get access to my free resource library (you'll need to sign up for my email list to get the password to the free resource library). Then follow the links & directions on the page. Do not "request access to edit" any materials. I will not respond to emails or edit request messages. You must click "make a copy" or "download" directly from Google Drive. My free resource library also has samples of many of these materials. 

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